Conquer Your Best!

Performance analytics solution and real-time onboard decision support system for professional and hobby sailors.

Set your goals, analyze your performance, measure the progress and enjoy the ride towards your goals!

Cloud-based analysis opportunities

All your data are syncronized to the Cloud, You can do your own unique post analysis on the data anytime from anywhere. However the system works offline as well when you have no connection. System sends you automatic, useful riports as well once your training or race ends.

Real time data display and Artificial Intelligence

Airmoniq system calculates performance and feedbacks real-time, including your polars - and gives you suggestions for optimal sail settings and angles. Our smart vision units are able to identify your currently used sails, so you do not have to adjust them manualy.

Wireless displays, support of smart devices

Thanks to the wireless components it is not necessary to modify your boat structure or cut holes...etc. Installment is easy and quick. You can use your personal smart devices, wearables so everyone will receive their personalized data stream.

Universal connection with instruments (NMEA)

AIRMONIQ is ready to use all your available NMEA 2000 / 0183 data from your instruments, sensors and data processors onboard.

Advanced Mathematical Algorithms and the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Unique performance measurement, self-learning polar diagrams taking into account environmental variables (true wind and wave amplitude) – as we have never seen before in a marine instrument!

Our team

The 40-person software development team of Arteries Studio Kft. consists of tried and experienced professionals. The team creatively implements its custom software solutions for their domestic and international partners in several areas.

Such a detailed performance log has long been missed!
The product is unique! We've been looking for a trustworthy polar diagram creation and maintenance instrument for a long time. It's finally here. The customizable system and the developer support we receive mean very much to us as we compete with a unique boat.
Berzi László - Crew, Principessa Sailing Team
Compared to traditional instruments a huge advantage!
I really like that, while sailing, the whole crew is aware of the impact of their work on the ship's performance, they have more information to work from. The filterable polar and the analytics in the cloud are more than enough for us as racing/tour sailors.
Németh Gábor - Steersman, Alison
It speeds up analysis, leaving more time for sailing
With Airmoniq, we have an instrument in our hands that greatly speeds up data analysis, leaving more time for sailing. At last, we don’t have to bother with polar construction, Airmoniq does it for us. Our only job is to spend as much time on the water as possible, and immediately after training we can see everything in the Cloud, where all the data can be analyzed in a user-friendly way without an excel spreadsheet.
Lillik Ákos - Solo Racer, Sail designer
Data analysis during and after the race
As a navigator, part of my job is to analyze data during and after training runs and races. The Airmoniq system speeds up this part of my job by a lot, this way I have more time for weather and map analyzation.
András D’Albini - Off-shore sailor, navigator

Airmoniq Blog - about our sailing analytics and decision support system

How to use Airmoniq Tracking features?

The Airmoniq Tracking System is a solution independent of Airmoniq Pro services. To use our Pro services, you must purchase an Airmoniq on-board processor and an Airmoniq Cloud subscription. Our tracking system, on the other hand, is available to our competition organizer partners and for their registered sailors free of