The RSM2 AC45 catamaran, which confidently led the race for a long time, gave way to the pursuing D35 boats in a dying wind a few hundred meters below Tihany after an unfavorable turn, due to which our partner Team Black Jack seemed to be a likely winner for a long time, but in the end Prevital steered by Farkas Litkey won at Fehérszalag, 2nd place went to Team Black Jack, 3rd place to RSM2.

With that, two of our Airmoniq partners stood on the podium, of which we are infinitely proud! Congratulations! We’re excitedly looking forward to the Kékszalag Round the Balaton Race on the 18th, hopefully it will end with similar success, and that the Airmoniq teams can finish in the lead!

Good to know!: Our system automatically detects any run-off from the marina, thus starting intelligent data processing on its own. At the end of a training run or race, the system automatically stops it and generates race statistics and analyzes. On the go, of course, the system calculates the team’s performance based on constantly updated polar charts, and based on these, it makes suggestions for buoy pick-up angles, hitting laylines, and ideal directions.