Benefits for offshore and long distance sailors

Airmoniq Pro is an excellent help for both amateur and professional sailors in training and racing situations!

During a long race, the wind can blow from any direction, the track will not be set according to the wind direction. Therefore, it is extremely important to know: which side and at what angle is the most positive, at what angles to approach the waypoints. When we get to the layline taking into consideration the wind trend corresponding to our sail and the special polar associated with it. Which sails are recommended to use in the future and when to change sails on each section. The Airmoniq system provides information for all of this.

The team can keep track of how their current performance compares to the best performance ever measured in the same situation. Airmoniq’s artificial intelligence continuously selects values for comparison from past data in real time.

A pályák (edzőpálya, vagy versenykiírás szerinti pálya) előre betáplálhatóak a rendszerbe, de menet közben is könnyen módosíthatóak, saját waypointokkal bővíthetőek.

Clear maps help you find your way.

The helmsman, and all crew members can track data that matters on their own smartphone or smartwatch on individually customizable interfaces, helping them work on board. In addition, from Airmoniq Cloud’s calculations, the team can develop an additional training strategy. You can follow your own developments specifically in the selected situations.

Team can constantly follow the development of their performance polars, per sail combination and in connection with other technical settings (eg keel angle, forstay load, foil settings…, etc.).

Airmoniq is not only useful for professional racers! We strongly recommend our Airmoniq Basic package without machine vision modules for hobby sailors and hobby competitors! And for those who want to enjoy the convenience of camera and sensor automation and are interested in even more detailed analytics, we strongly recommend our Airmoniq Pro Vision system!

Products recommended for offshore and long distance sailing