Benefits for cruisers

Airmoniq’s system is also a good companion and an ideal accessory when you want to go on a self-forgetful, safe cruising with friends on board!

However Airmoniq Pro was originally designed for professionals, Airmoniq Pro gives many features for cruiser sailors as well that make sailing more playful and interesting. We can build our own performance metrics (polars) and easy-to-understand data to help you achieve good performance and safety on board.

Sometimes we also want to sail as fast but safely as possible. Everyone wants to know which sail is the ideal choice in a given situation, when to start reefing, and how the wind trend will change in the next period?! Who doesn’t want to know when it’s worth maneuvering to get to our goal in the shortest amount of time? Who doesn’t want to see how much they’ve managed to get the most out of the sailing? And how much more could we boost with our current performance with fine-tuning!?

In an easy-to-use application, you can easily add your destination and intermediate destinations, and the system will help you navigate accordingly. It is important to note that the Airmoniq system is NOT a navigation software, but an analytics solution, so we recommend using a navigation software as well. Airmoniq, on the other hand, can be an excellent companion for safe handling of the boat and maximizing our performance.

At the end of the day, in the company of a pleasant drink, it is fun and useful to review the detailed analytics of our trip that day, to observe our typical flaws, as well as our peak performances and their details. Automatic analysisprovides an excellent basis for interesting conversations.

Ultimately, our group of friends can become an ever better sailing team using the features developed for cruisers.

Products recommeded for cruisers