Benefits for onshore sailing

A good start is extremely important in track races. Airmoniq’s special start machine helps us to start not only on time, but with a good choice of location.

In the stages following the start, it helps us to select the ideal angles (second to second using the polar for the current sail, to calculate the maximum VMG and the optimal TWA for the VMC), and to determine the exact layline according to wind trends and our current sail combination. It also visualizes these for us.

The system warns you if you are not using the most appropriate sail combination and calculates whether it is worth changing sails before the mark.

During sailing, you can specify the mark’s position when passing a mark, for even more accurate calculations for later races.

The helmsman, and all crew members, can track their important data on their own smart device or watch and see the data that is important to them on individually customizable interfaces, helping them work on board. We can also display Airmoniq calculations on the ship’s own built-in displays.

Analytics for each race are automatically generated in Airmoniq Cloud, or you can review them immediately after the race.

Airmoniq is not only useful for professional racers! Our Airmoniq Basic package without machine vision modules is also highly recommended for hobby sailors and hobby competitors. And for those who want to enjoy the convenience of camera automation and are interested in even more detailed analytics, we strongly recommend our Airmoniq Pro Vision system.

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