The Airmoniq Tracking System is a solution independent of Airmoniq Pro services. To use our Pro services, you must purchase an Airmoniq on-board processor and an Airmoniq Cloud subscription. Our tracking system, on the other hand, is available to our competition organizer partners and for their registered sailors free of charge.

In this way, e.g. according to the agreement concluded in the spring of 2021, the Hungarian Sailing Association and its competitors can use the Airmoniq Tracking system free of charge in sailing competitions organized by MVSZ.

The following video provides a good overview of using the Airmoniq Tracking system:


It is very easy for competitors to use the Airmoniq Tracking system:

  1. To use the Airmoniq Tracking system, you need to download the Airmoniq application (for Android or iOS phones)
  2. Be sure to always allow the app to access location data.
  3. You must register as a competitor in the application and enter your VIHAR ID used in MVSZ’s VIHAR system and your date of birth here. This connects the VIHAR system to the Airmoniq Tracking system.
  4. After logging in, you can see the races we have already applied (and payed the registration fee) in the VIHAR system.
  5. One hour before the race, you can start tracking by tapping the Tracking button next to the event and then pressing the START button.

IMPORTANT !: DO NOT close the application until the end of the race and make sure the phone is charged properly – although the application does not consume much.
(If you accidentally close the app or stop tracking, you can restart it at any time, even by downloading the app to an other phone and signing in there.)

Fans, spectators, families have the opportunity to follow the competition on the web

The website is accessible from anywhere and after a quick spectator registration it is possible to track the tournaments.

Here the given tournament can be followed live, but it is also possible to replay previous tournaments.

The boats participating in the race can be filtered and searched, and you can highlight your favorites. The system also calculates the – unofficial – partial results at the marks, in addition to the current (absolute) results of the race.

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Download the iOS sailor application here:

Download the Android sailor application here:

Viewer/spectator web system availability:

We wish you a good wind, good racing, good cheering!