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  • PRO Central Processor
  • PRO Central Processor with artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (CV)
  • NMEA Certified device - NMEA 2000/0183 compatible
  • Wifi AP to personal devices
  • Apps for iOS and Android smart devices (tablets, phones, watches)
  • - Customizable data views and widgets
  • - Race launch module
  • - Buoy set registration and automatic bouy selection
  • - Map view with automatic laylines
  • - Wide range input voltage compatibility (9-32V)
  • Stereo Vision CoProcessor
  • 3D laser scanner modules with GPU acceleration
  • Automatic performance polar generation for the boat
  • Automatic performance and median polar generation sailplan-by-sailplan
  • Compatibility with Airmoniq onboard display
  • Sail detection algorithms with AI & CV
  • Automatic maneuveur detection and analysis
  • Video log with automatic AI annotations
  • Airmoniq Cloud Account with 1 year subscription
  • Max. 20 extra guest account to Airmoniq Cloud
  • 3 extra separated skipper access and skipper-by-skipper polar database
  • Basic Analytics and Dashboard
  • Enhanced Analytics and Dashboard
  • 200 GB Airmoniq Cloud Data Storage capacity
  • 2 TB Airmoniq Cloud Data Storage capacity
  • Plus 1 TB online 3D log storage extension
  • General online support for system setup and maintenance
  • Premium online support for system setup, maintenance and technical questions, 3 hours of consultancy and data-analysis (annualy)
  • Unique software development oportunity (customized apps) support on hourly basis