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Unique sailing product line

Unique features

In accordance with our competence, we are equipping Airmoniq with artificial intelligence, machine vision and complex mathematical algorithms, and through consultation with competitive teams, it also provides much desired functions:

  • Custom polar chart creation: can be filtered for time periods, for technical equipment, for setups (e.g. mast setup, keel or foiler use, various sail sets, different skipper), and can be filtered for weather conditions.
    It provides the possibility for comparison and data analysis (calculation of relative performance compared to peak (performance) polar chart measured under given settings and conditions).
  • Boat settings detection: sail settings, steering angle changes, recording of positions of passengers and crew, stereo machine vision and artificial intelligence, along with help from smart measuring units.
  • Intelligent wave detection: wave characteristics measured by sensors; the height, speed, and relative direction of the wave is taken into account when generating polar chart data.
  • Use of standard communication protocols: compatibility with NMEA 2000 compliant instruments, with preference for wireless solutions.
  • We can review all of our measured data, polars, and aggregated analytics, as well as the results of Computer Vision in an online analytics system.
  • One Design boats: with the help of dynamic dashboards, implementation of comparative analytics for competition classes.

Significance of polar charts that depend/rely on ship settings and environmental variables


  • It is a great help to sail designers to have available the characteristics and charts of the actual performance of the boat. This data contains important inputs for the sail designing software; the designer does not need to depend on intuition alone.
  • This data and charts are indispensable for boat development for ship designers and shipbuilders: they can design using real-world data.
  • For the same reason it is necessary for boat tuning: there is the possibility of comparison and remeasuring, the data clearly shows which accessories of the ship should be modified.
  • At the same time, it is indispensable for the pilot or tactician of a (competition) boat to choose the right sails and set up the tactics.


Environmental awareness

Our instrument family is unique in that the casings for both the central data processor and for the on-board instrument are made from biodegradable, 3D printing technology enclosure.

Lightweight but strong construction

In the 3D design process, we have created a cellular system to make the enclosures light, but extremely shock-resistant and to remain solid.

Cooling the on-board unit

A special internal air duct system was built into the interior of the instrument exposed to the sun. In passive mode, ascending hot air generates self-circulation through the water spray resistant (IP5x) enclosure and in active cooling mode circulates air with extremely quiet fans. A special blowing system cools the display surface and prevents it from failure caused by the scorching sun.

Possibility to charge third-party devices

A practical, waterproof USB quick charger outlet is located on the casing of the fixed on-board display unit, which can be used to continually charge other smart devices or to supply other USB devices.

Economical energy consumption

The components of the system have been built from low-power hardware to be able to operate on as low capacity batteries as possible.

Information and contact

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