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Fluid Edge Themes

Universal connection to the sensors (NMEA)

AIRMONIQ is also capable of using the data of existing measuring instruments on the sailboat, as long as they are compatible with NMEA 2000.

Real-time data display and Artificial Intelligence

The system calculates real-time sailing performance indicators and its polar characteristics and makes suggestions for optimal ship settings. Machine vision technology and artificial intelligence monitor the sails in use.

Cordless display options, support of smart devices

Due to the cordless components, it is unnecessary to alter the structural elements of the boat. Smart devices and smart watches can be connected to the system, thus every member of the crew has access to the data they need.

Cloud-based post-analysis

The data can also be synchronized to the cloud, thus it is available for later analysis and it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Performance analysis for specific time periods and special settings are also available in the Airmoniq Cloud system.

Advanced mathematical algorithms and the power of Artificial Intelligence

Unique performance measurement, self-developing polar charts which take into account environmental variables (wind power and wave amplitude) - as we haven't seen before in a boat instrument!

Such a detailed performance log has long been missed!

The product is unique! We've been looking for a trustworthy polar diagram creation and maintenance instrument for a long time. It's finally here. The customizable system and the developer support we receive mean very much to us as we compete with a unique boat.

László Berzi Crew, Principessa Sailing Team

Compared to traditional instruments a huge advantage!

I really like that, while sailing, the whole crew is aware of the impact of their work on the ship's performance, they have more information to work from. The filterable polar and the analytics in the cloud are more than enough for us as racing/tour sailors.

Gábor Németh Helmsman, Blueberry